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What is the working principle of underfloor heating?

2023-08-07 11:10:47

Ground heating (low-temperature hot water ground radiation heating) is an advanced heating method. Its working principle is to introduce low-temperature hot water into the underfloor heating pipe loop, thereby heating the floor. The heat is radiated to the space above the floor in a gentle and uniform manner through a large area of the ground, allowing the human body to feel the dual thermal effects of radiation and air temperature. It is an ideal heating method that is warm, comfortable, hygienic, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly.


Water heating and underfloor heating is a hot water coil that uses low temperature water not exceeding 60 ℃ as the heating medium and scientifically distributes it below the ground level. It evenly radiates and heats the entire ground, using the entire ground as the heat dissipation surface and the heating medium in the radiation layer of the underfloor heating pipe network to evenly heat the entire ground. By utilizing the heat storage capacity of the ground itself to radiate heat from various angles of the room, the purpose of heating is achieved.

The general design surface temperature is only 27 ℃ -32 ℃. Due to the large heating area, the indoor heat distribution is uniform, and the water in the air evaporates slowly. The heat radiates from bottom to top, forming a gradually decreasing temperature gradient from the bottom of the foot to the head indoors. This conforms to the physiological characteristics of slow blood circulation in the human foot and fast blood circulation in the head, as well as the fitness theory of traditional Chinese medicine "warm feet and cool tops".